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The Purpose

If you have ever been in a long-term relationship, you and your partner 
may have stumbled into bed, with the promise of a night of intense sex and 
passion. However, due to exhaustion and having to wake early for work in 
the morning, this notion becomes a plan for tomorrow instead. Then that 
tomorrow sex seldom comes.

In business, to create and sustain vitality, it requires strategic planning. When 
we establish a business, we have specific goals that we strive to achieve. This 
philosophy can be transferred to sex a well!

Romantic novels and movies lead us to believe that sex should always occur 
on a spontaneous whim. Let’s face it, nowadays, that is just not the reality 
for most couples. We have family, careers, friends, hobbies and everything in 
between that requires our attention. This planner makes intimacy and sex  
top priorities while balancing your many other obligations. 

Know that sex doesn’t have to be lacking luster just because it is planned. 
Most relationship therapists and coaches agree that scheduling sex 
in relationships is an amazing way for partners to keep intimacy and 
satisfaction alive. The tools in this planner help you explore your desires 
while learning more about your partner and even yourself.

With this sex planner in your possession, you will be able to utilize the 
strategic methods to have a thrilling, exciting sex life. Be sure to review it’s 
features such as weekly sex positions for the year, inspirational topics, 
and mind-blowing discussions with your partner, non- traditional date night 
ideas and so much more!

This planner was designed to help you and your partner achieve your sex 


Now Let’s get Busy… Planning that is!!!

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